中国红刮刮乐中奖图案:3D Non-Contact High-Precision Measure Machine

刮刮乐反面 www.vrcmh.icu Boson Non-Contact High-Precision Measurement Machine use line confocal technology to carry out all-size measurement of the profile, R corner, arc height and flatness of 3D curved cover glass. The machine can comprehensively scan product and generate inspection report automatically, so as to facilitate engineering analysis. With our Cover Glass Load & Unload Smart Robot, it can achieve automatic production and inspection.

  • Line confocal technology, Line width 11.26mm, Z axis accuracy 0.5um
  • 3D profile analysis function, compare with the work piece 3D-CAD file and color map and other reports as required
  • Professional 3D measuring software certified by PTB, NIST
  • Automatic load-and-unload
  • 17 million cloud point’s data
  • R corner profile, Line-profile, Ridge checking tasks etc.
  • Checking angle convex surface 90 degree
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